The Scarlet Flower

The scarlet flower

Remember the fairy tale "The Scarlet Flower"?

Why did the father of the family not endure to bring her daughter her order from overseas: a scarlet flower. But the girl was a shy girl, and did not want to complicate her father's life, so she just ordered a flower, scarlet. 

The year 2020 has come, and now nobody will be able to get the Scarlet Flower, because the countries are closed for quarantine. Why not dream and plan your trip for 2021 to find and enjoy the splendor of your Scarlet Flower in the natural environment?

Or visit these places virtually by finding them on your computer? 

Well, so that there are no problems with the keeper of the garden, as happened in the fairy tale.

So where should you go to see the amazing flowers?

  1. From March to October it is worth visiting the Island of Flowers - Mainau, in Germany.

Having married a commoner, the Swedish prince Lennart lost his title, settled on the island of Mainau and turned it into an island of flowers. In spring, a real extravaganza begins here. 

The view of the cornflower-blue Lake Constance against the background of the Alps is imprinted in the memory forever, flowers always bloom here.

Behind the graceful primroses, bright tulips, crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils are blooming, replaced by orchids and azaleas, and in summer roses and citrus trees smell so that from time to time you lose your balance. Here you will see sakura, bergamot, palms, and tall sequoias planted in the 19th century.

  1. Holland in April.

In Holland, you will be tempted to paint: words are not enough to describe the colors of spring fields. You can see at a glance why the Keukenhof Park in Lisse is called the Garden of Europe: millions of tulips and other flowers paint an area the size of nearly 45 football fields.

On April 13, a parade of flowers of Blumencorso passes through the park: elegant columns move from Noordwijk to Haarlem, catching the eyes of hundreds of thousands of spectators. You can also catch tulip mania in Amsterdam by visiting the Tulip Museum in the Jordan area or the Bloemenmarkt floating flower market.

  1. Japan in March - April. Sakura blossom.

Ashikaga, Hitachi, Kawachi Fuji with a wisteria tunnel - there are many fantastic flower parks in Japan, but only cherry blossoms fascinate everyone and make time stop. Sakura blooms incredibly beautifully, but not for long.

For the Japanese, flower-gazing has become a tradition called Hanami. During the flowering period, parks and squares are overflowing - during the day and in the evening, people sit right on the ground and watch the falling petals for hours.

  1. France. Monet's Garden - Giverny. Better to visit from late March to November.

People come to Giverny to look at Monet's water lilies - but not on canvas, but in the garden of an artist who has lived in this village for 43 years.

Monet planted roses, begonias, dahlias, tulips, carnations and other plants around the house, experimented with color and chiaroscuro, turning the garden simultaneously into an inspiration for his paintings and into another masterpiece.

  1. Rose Valley in Morocco, it is better to visit from April to mid-May.

Those who have visited the Moroccan valley of M'Gun will not be impressed by a million roses - in the spring in the arid Atlas Mountains, tender buds are harvested in tons. Damask rose bushes stretch for thousands of kilometers, and the scent on the plantations is more intense than in the perfume shop.

In the town of El-Kelaa-Mguna, they organize a grand party with songs, dances and the election of the queen of roses. During the festival, petals are scattered on the ground, woven into girls' necklaces, hung with garlands-hearts, folded in bags and baskets, bottled in the form of essential oils and added to tea instead of the usual mint - a real rose kingdom!

  1. Late June to mid-August Provence, France. Lavender fields.

Almost the entire countryside of the region is lined with fluffy flower rows. The very same shots with fields to the very horizon, photographers shoot under the monotonous buzzing of bees on the Valensole plateau. Romantics will love the La Gorda neighborhood, where purple paths lead to the medieval abbey of Senanque. The largest fields adorn the valley of the city of Sol, which is called the capital of lavender. On August 15, a celebration is held here in honor of the end of the flower picking season, where you can taste lavender honey.

  1. From 13 to 16 August 2020 Brussels, Belgium.

Brussels carpet runner is dazzling. Every two years in the capital of Belgium, a carpet of begonias is spread over the entire main square. About 600,000 flowers are placed in an ornament in less than four hours! Each time - a new design and a music and light show.

  1. Second half of April - "Blue Forest" in Brussels, Bruges.

The best time to admire the blue-violet carpets of bells in Hallerbos forest is the second half of April, but if the spring is warm, then the flowers may bloom a couple of weeks earlier. It is convenient to keep track of the flowering time on dedicated website


  1. Mid-November to late December. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

New Zealand is a magical land in the Southern Hemisphere where winter and summer have reversed. Flowers bloom here in November - wild lupins. On the shore of the lake, lupins grow one and a half meters high.

Lilac, pink, orange and yellow corollas dance in the wind, pouring a sweet scent into the air.

Choose the flowers and place that you like and go enjoy the beauty that nature has prepared for us.