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March 8

Congratulations to all the beautiful princesses and queens


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Mothers Day

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Wedding anniversary

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Graduation and Diploma

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Happy Birthday! Happiness, health, good luck, love, prosperity probably already wished you. I'll just join. And from myself I would also like to wish love - mutual, happiness - dizzying, success - rapid, victories - significant, dreams and desires - feasible, people nearby - reliable, goals - achievable, and obstacles - surmountable! Let your relatives spoil you. And let everything be as you want. And even a little better!

Happy Birthday! I wish your life to be fulfilling, with pleasant cares, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! May the source of kindness never run dry in your soul! Walk through life boldly and directly! May your family and friends be near in difficult times, may there always be those with whom you want to share your joy! I wish you health and long life, joy and laughter, respect for others and love of relatives! Let everything turn out as it was planned in youth! Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday! Let the people closest to you smile as often as possible, and warmth and love never disappear from their views. Let your family and friends live as long as possible, your loved one loves you as much as possible, and let the children just smile, because their smiles make your soul happier and brighter. I also want to wish you true friends who will support you in difficult times if trouble occurs, and will rejoice for you in the happy moments of your life. Happy Birthday!

Birthday is a special holiday. In childhood, we wait for him with joy, impatiently, and the year lasts a long, long time, and such desired name days never come. But now time starts to rush faster ... With age, it seems that the years flicker like pages in a book that we flip through: birthdays are coming more and more often, we are getting older, and sometimes it seems that we do not have time to make out something important on these pages called Life. I wish you on your birthday so that your life is full, so that nothing important is missed, and that all plans and dreams come true. Let your house be a full bowl, the work is going well, and there will always be relatives and friends ready to lend their shoulders around. Be happy!


On your birthday, I want to definitely find my happiness in life. And may your road to it make the world brighter, fill it with wisdom and new discoveries. If your happiness is hidden high in the mountains, become strong and resilient in order to conquer the top and achieve what you want. If it is hiding on the seabed, turn on your ingenuity and construct a magic apparatus that will help you descend into the deep abyss. But more often than not, happiness is very close and hides in yourself. Listen to your heart, improve and learn new things. Never stop half way and heed the advice of your guardian angel. And then your search will definitely be crowned with success!

Happy birthday and wish you always be yourself. Do not be crooked, always honestly know how to admit your weaknesses, because only a strong person is capable of this. Let your spiritual impulses always find a response in the hearts of people close to you, live with a feeling of love for the world around you. Let your favorite work give you moral satisfaction and bring you financial independence. Drive resentment from your heart, and bad thoughts from your head. Set new goals and never stop dreaming. After all, sooner or later, dreams will definitely come true. Take care of your health so that strength and strength in your body allows you to enjoy the joys of life to the fullest.

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On a birthday, it is customary to wish what all people on the planet dream about. Everyone wants to be healthy and from the bottom of my heart I wish you good health for many years to come. Everyone wants to be loved and I wish you this with all my heart. I want to always see you joyful, warmed by mutual love, with a happy gleam in your eyes. Of course, for happiness to be complete, you need to do what you love, feel needed and successful. I wish you that your work always brings you not only decent income, but also pleasure.

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing successful, happy people. So forgive me selfishness and please me - be happy, loved, successful, healthy, cheerful, young in mind and body. I want to see you like this always: both on holidays and on weekdays! Happy Birthday!

Sweetheart, my dear! On this beautiful day, I sincerely congratulate you. May this wonderful smile, bewitching look and joy in amazing eyes not disappear on your face! Health to you and boundless love, happiness and good luck. The most important thing is to stay as beautiful!

The beauty that you bring to this world is unique. Always be the same charming and dizzying! May everyone around you admire you! Start every day with a smile and your dreams will come true! Good luck, fun and energy to accomplish feats!

Happy Birthday! Bright positive mood, high achievements, spiritual harmony, prosperity, good health, success in everything! I wish you never stop there. Good luck in learning new ideas, self-development and striving for only the best!


So your anniversary has come - such a solemn and long-awaited event, but you just have to look at our hero of the day and it immediately becomes clear that she was mistaken in the calculations by at least one dozen! She is young, beautiful as in her youth, and her eyes, as before, shine with a bright, perky life spark. And I want to wish her to remain as young in ten and in 20 years, surprising everyone with my optimism and desire to live and grow younger! After all, a person is not as old as it is written in his passport, but as much as he feels himself! Be young at heart! Happy anniversary!

An anniversary is also a birthday, but decorated with a round number, and it just so happens in the world that people love round dates and attach special meaning to them, look for a special meaning in them ... Therefore, today I not only congratulate you, but also wish from now on to live only happily , not admitting a single gloomy shadow, and besides, always set goals for yourself as high as Everest and conquer them in just a few steps!

I don’t know who and when started the tradition of taking stock on the anniversary. And I propose to start making new plans. With all my heart I wish you new successes and achievements, interesting events in life, happiness and health. May all your wishes and dreams come true, and, most importantly, that you always want to dream. And for this you have everything - a beloved family, an interesting job, good health and material well-being. Take care of what you have, multiply, enjoy every day, always start it with a smile, meet challenges with your head held high, be proud of your achievements. I wish you a beautiful, interesting, filled with love and positive life!

The anniversary is like a magic border, on which, mixing in the present, the past and the future meet, revealing a new one for you at a new age ... And I must say, it is simply beautiful! Happy Holidays! Do not think about numbers, because they are just numbers, but think better about what was good in the past and will certainly be in the future!


On this day, let me tell you that you are good in everything and that you are celebrating your anniversary well, keeping moderately proud and majestic, looking back into the past with warm nostalgia and looking into the future with bold faith in the best! Your attitude towards your age is the best evidence that you are still young at heart, which means that the best and happiest years await you! Love, dream and just live every day!

The witty French have golden words: "If youth knew, if old age could." But there is a period in life when experience and strength can go hand in hand. This age can be called the happiest, it combines two good words: "more" and "already". So living at this time is both easy and pleasant: everything is still available and everything is already clear. If life offers you a number of difficult puzzles, then it will not be difficult for you to solve them. After all, you are already 50! But even if youth calls out, you can safely stand in one row with it. After all, you are still 50!

Anniversary is a unique birthday, because there is a round date in sight, allowing you to cross the threshold of the next age - and in a sense to renew your life! Today, I sincerely wish you to live a fun and not boring life, as if you are a pioneer, discovering our world from its best, most kind sides!


They say that love at a distance is impossible ... The sun is also far away ... but still, it warms.

Love you. There are so few words and such a huge meaning. In these two words everything is life, and eternity, and happiness. And sometimes separation, loneliness, suffering and infinity. All this depends only on us. My love for you is only what I can and want to talk, think and feel today. I ask one thing - be near, and I will do everything so that you do not regret for a second that you have chosen me.

Love is the most amazing of human feelings, which does not let you sleep at night, disturbs the heart and thoughts, makes you create madness and create masterpieces. I love you, I feel it every minute and do not doubt my feelings one iota. The day we crossed each other in this vast world is the most important one for me. A burning desire is to go with you the entire path of life, measured to us. Be with me, my happiness.

My dear and priceless person on earth, you are my ideal, joy and happiness. I am overwhelmed with feelings of sincere and tender attitude towards you. Thank God for giving you to me. This is the best thing that could happen to me. I love you madly, I want to be only with you. You are my protection, my hope. I love you, my most desirable and unique person.

A person in life falls in love many times, but true love comes once, and I think I did not miss my love.

I very carefully keep you in my heart ... every look of your beautiful eyes, every word that your angelic lips uttered, every second that we were near. You completely and completely filled my soul and heart ... and my heart cannot live without you ... I love you!

The whole meaning of my life is you! I fall asleep and think about you! I wake up and think about you! I sleep at night and smile because I think about you. I am ready to scream everywhere that I love you. I cannot imagine myself without your smile, without your eyes, without your kisses, without your hands. You are my happiness! I love you!


Please accept my sincere gratitude for the work done. Your creativity, professionalism, dedication, patience are inspiring. It is obvious that the key to success is genuine love for the chosen business, multiplied by self-improvement and conscientiousness. And this is a big plus in any industry. Good luck and success, high personal and professional achievements.

Thank you, thank you, I won't get tired of writing today. It is so good that there is such a person in the world as you! Thank you 100, no 1000 times. Today let everything be for you, the sun, the moon, the sky and the earth. After all, there are no more such people in the entire universe. Thank you 1000 times more!

In life, you do not often meet people who are ready to share with you grief, and joy, and sadness, and despondency. There cannot be many friends, there are only a few of them, but they are really time-tested people. I really want everything in your life to turn out wonderful and impeccable. Thank you for your help and understanding, for your kind words and kind heart.

Life often gives us unpleasant surprises. When your strength is running out, when you don't know how to cope with a situation, when it seems that everyone is against you - human support and participation are invaluable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not passing by, for finding the right words, for showing attention and sympathy. Let the good you have done return with interest.

I express my gratitude to you from the bottom of my heart! I sincerely hope that you will have many successes in your life, and that you can overcome all difficulties with dignity! I wish you the right path of life, a lot of strength and confidence so as not to stray from it, and many benefits along the way! All the best to you and your loved ones!

I want to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for your congratulations and wishes. May they come true! Warm words and gentle intonations warmed me. Thank you for your sincere feelings, for the beautiful style and attention shown.

In our world, not everyone is able to understand each other, and when this becomes possible, there is nothing more beautiful. Thank you with all my heart for your understanding and support. I hope for further cooperation, good human relations and friendship.



On the most gentle and bright holiday on March 8, I wish you 8 very necessary women's things:

  •   Peace in the family
  •   Peace of mind
  •   Health in the body
  •   Joy in the eyes
  •   Love in the heart
  •   Lightness in the legs
  •   Sweet words in your ears

And beautiful flowers in your hands !!!

And let this eight be your constant companion !!!

Sweetheart, beloved, dear mommy! Let the spring streams take longing and sadness with them. Let joy bloom in your life along with the first spring leaves. Let the happiness become as huge and warm as the gentle spring sun. I wish you to always smile, warm the world with your kind eyes, hands and warmth of your heart. Never be discouraged and remember that I love you as endlessly as the transparent and blue sky stretches over us. Happy March 8!

Our beloved women, since March 8! Let a fire burn in our hearts, and let your eyes sparkle with an overabundance of happiness, be valuable for your family and respected for those around you. Bring success, beauty and everything-everything good to this world, about which they sing in different songs. Be successful in your career and not unsuccessful in personal endeavors. Enchant and bewitch the opposite sex!

On a clear, sunny spring day, all living things wake up to enjoy life and celebrate Women's Day. On a wonderful holiday, I wish you: smiles, sun and love, care and warmth, kindness and beauty! Let only nice people surround you, let wonderful events happen to you and let fate spoil you only with happy news! Happy March 8! Magic to you and magic!

Woman is the decoration of this world. From a woman's smile it becomes brighter around, and gentle female hands are able to save a life with one of their gentle touch. Today, as never before, I admire your unfading, blooming beauty, the sparkle of wise eyes, a sly smile and grace of movement. You were born to make the world a better place - and like no one else you cope with this task! With all my heart, I congratulate you on this Women's Day, and I wish you always to be the happiest. Happy Holidays!

Let all the most beautiful and delicious flowers in the world lie at your feet, let success and glory follow you on your heels, do not know sorrow and poverty. Be the same young, attractive, charming, sweet and beautiful woman. Live in care and love, be surrounded by the support and sensitive attention of dear people, happy holiday! March 8!

An amazing, beautiful creature - a woman ... And like a magical spring holiday, March 8 inexpressibly suits you! I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! May the most cherished desires come true, may the heart do not rest, may the admiring eyes always accompany you. Rejoice and please us with smiles, wonderful mood, tenderness and warmth. Great happiness to you!


From this day on, let the sky itself keep your union! May your love be complemented by mutual help, friendship, respect every day of your marriage, which will certainly be happy under such conditions! I wish you the ability to speak with each other, hear each other, always try to understand each other! May you come out of any life situation holding hands! And may you have more joyful situations!

Dear newlyweds! We sincerely congratulate you on your legal marriage and the formation of a new family. Advice and love! The most beautiful thing in life is love. May it be long and happy with you! May everything in your family life be in abundance. We are glad for you. Successful sailing on the waves of the sea of life in love, respect and mutual fidelity!

The family is a small planet in the universe of life. Protect her from the rubbish of resentments and omissions. May it flourish and shine with your love and peace.

Love and being in love are very different feelings. Falling in love - bright, crushing, with goosebumps. She is very attractive. But it cannot last long, otherwise people would not be able to live, they would simply burn out from the strength of this feeling. Love is different. She is calm and wise. She is capable of being the whole world. And is able to recede into the background for the sake of a loved one. She knows how to forgive, heals any wounds and insults. Love does not burn, but infinite warmth, therefore it is capable of warming in the most severe frost. I wish you Love - mutual and forever! And I also wish you to periodically fall madly in love with each other!

Today is an unforgettable day for your family. Let it be remembered for you as the beginning of a lifelong journey. Walk in step through life, substitute a reliable shoulder for each other and share the common joy. Advice and love!

Dear newlyweds! Today the bonds of marriage have firmly united you, making you the closest people to each other. Let the thread that connects you be strong and never break. May your home be filled with sunlight and warmth, may love and happiness never leave it, may cheerful children's laughter ring in it. Take care of each other, understand each other, love each other. Always be healthy and happy!



Happy Anniversary! The path of your marriage will be stronger and stronger every year, and the relationship is becoming more trusting and touching! Let only good friends with good intentions surround you! Let your house be a full cup, let it be filled with joy and love! Wealth, happiness and eternal love for you!

On this day, once upon a time, your separate roads merged into one! And life has changed, you have become a family. Family is not always easy, and now you probably know that. But you are together! You are near! Let this fact always warm your hearts with warmth! Let them beat to the beat! Let the fact that you are near make you stronger in front of the huge ocean of life! And may today always be a festive day for you!

Our dear heroes of the day! We congratulate you on the next anniversary date of your wedding. Every anniversary is a big holiday, because on this day your family was born. On this day, the union of your hearts was solemnly sealed with signatures. We know you as a happy married couple who have lived a long life in love and harmony, as wonderful, rich in heart and soul, amazing people. Despite all the hardships that you had to endure in this life, you survived, preserved love, youth and loyalty to each other, raised wonderful children! Today all the words, all the wishes are only for you - the best couple in the world! We wish you to remain the same cheerful optimists for many years to come! May your home always be warm from smiles and kind words. Health, prosperity, happiness, and, of course, love!

A wedding anniversary is a reason to feel like a newlywed again. Check out the wedding photos today, remember how beautiful and happy you were on your wedding day! And you will understand that your feelings have not faded from that day, but have become deeper and stronger! May mutual understanding, respect and, of course, her Majesty - Love always reign in your family!

It seems that just recently a wedding march sounded, flowers and smiles adorned the day of your wedding, and __ has already passed since that day. May you live many, many years together, and may these years be warmed by the warmth of love, mutual respect and understanding! Let your family hearth burn merrily, brightly and warm you to a ripe old age!

On a wonderful holiday - your wedding anniversary - I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! I am very glad to see you happy and loving, glad that you have a strong family, and that wonderful children are growing up. I wish you to continue to live in harmony with each other, be one whole, understand each other perfectly and support each other in everything!

On your wedding anniversary, we wish you to share in half not only happy moments, but all the difficulties of family life. We wish you always and in everything to support each other, jointly overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, share all the household chores. Take care, appreciate, love each other and be happy together!


Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your baby! Let your baby have good health, great appetite and a wonderful ability to sleep all night long! Let the baby, like the sun, illuminate your life, filling it with love and joy!


We congratulate charming mom, happy dad with all my heart on the birth of her beloved child! Let your life from this unforgettable moment turn into a new channel - let good health, wealth, loyal friends and assistants, harmony and peace in a family atmosphere flow to you as a deep and powerful river. Be happy, grow up healthy and obedient!

I sincerely congratulate you on a happy event - on the happy birth of your desired son! I wish that the newborn baby grows up as a cheerful, healthy, strong man, prudent, brings great joy to his parents and becomes your reliable support and pride. May his long life path be bright, happy and the guardian angel will save him from all troubles and troubles. I wish harmony, patience, kindness, peace and prosperity to your strong family.

Congratulations to your family on the birth of an heir! Let him grow up as a healthy, courageous, persistent, inquisitive boy! Let him learn the world, admiring, wondering, delighting parents, grandparents with his smile, first steps, small but so important successes! I wish mom patience, strength and quiet nights!


From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the birth of your child! May the Lord protect him throughout his life, accompanying him at every step! I wish that a newborn baby will bring you only joy and be a ray of light for everyone around you! May the Almighty give your child endless happiness, prosperity and success in all future achievements!

We are happy to hear about the new addition to your family and sincerely congratulate you on the appearance of the long-awaited little angel! Let the baby from the first days of life bring you an ocean of joy and positive feelings, like a star, illuminate your home with happiness! We wish the child to grow up surrounded by light, love and kindness, may good health and a happy fate be given from above!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! May your girl grow up happy and kind! Let her be like her father! Let her inherit all your best qualities! We wish you to be proud of your baby and make her proud of you! Let your daughter's life be sunny and bright, and your life will now become more interesting and colorful, because the child will make you look at many things in a different way.




They say that love rules the world. We love, we are loved ... Sometimes mutually, sometimes unrequited. But there is love in the world that is not subject to anything: neither time, nor gossip, nor oblivion. This is mother's love. She accompanies us from the very first moment on this earth. We feel maternal love even before we are born. We grow up, we leave our home. But even at the end of the earth, we remember that somewhere far away, mother's warm hands and gentle eyes are waiting for us. My dear! Thank you for your selfless love. For your participation and experience, for your concern and care. Let a bright star light up over the house every evening! And every morning warm rays of the sun penetrate your window! Live long, long, be healthy and happy!

Mom, you know, I'm a very happy person! I was very lucky, because I have always had you - a gentle, affectionate, loving, the best mother in the world! You cooed over my cradle, did not sleep at night, rejoiced at every new gesture and word, forgave my pranks ... You took me by the hand to the first grade, you were proud, empathized, upset, laughed, reliving your school years with me. And so day after day, year after year. You tirelessly took care of me, bestowing the warmth of your warm mother's heart! Mommy, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day! You deserve all the best! I wish you to always think positively and remain optimistic! And I will try never to upset you! Know I love you very much!

Mom is a sacred word, it means the most dear person to us! But on Mother's Day, are we going to congratulate one mother? Of course not! After all, our grandmother is also a mother, and already with double experience. And there are also sisters, and aunts, and girlfriends, in general, all those women who have already experienced this true happiness on themselves - motherhood. A mother is capable of doing for the sake of children what, it is believed, a person is not capable of in principle. Her holy love serves as a guide and guardian for us throughout our lives. So let's congratulate all, all mothers in the world on this day, created in order to give words of love! After all, mom deserves words of gratitude for all her daily chores and worries. And the best reward for her is the success of the children. The highest calling of a woman is to be a mother. And may it always be so, may motherhood be the most important thing and the most important happiness for each of the women!

Dear Mom, I congratulate you on Mother's Day. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care, love and wisdom. For patience and kindness, for the ability to always listen, help, understand, give good advice and come to the rescue. I want my children to be like you - their beautiful young grandmother. After all, your wisdom and love of life fills our home and our souls with warmth and joy. How many holidays have you presented to us, how many delicious treats your skillful hands have prepared. Thank you mommy for everything! For a happy childhood, for a beautiful youth. Thank you for being and always there. Be healthy and happy, dear!

Sweetheart, dear mommy! You are the most precious thing in my life, the most priceless and eternal. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on Mother's Day, and warmly thank you for your love and care. May your eyes always rejoice, and your soul will be filled with pride for your children and peace of mind, because the best in us is from you. Happy Day, dear mother, the best on Earth!

Mom is needed every day. Mom is tenderness and support, forgiving and unconditional love. This day is dedicated to you and my heart is always with you. And let your heart never hurt! Let your eyes never cry! Let your tenderness never run out! May every day bring you joy!

Mommy, congratulations on Mother's Day. You gave me life, warmed me with your love and affection, you are the closest person to me. The kindest, gentlest, caring, beautiful, wise, my mommy! I want to wish you good health and great happiness, I love you very much.



I sincerely congratulate you on receiving your diploma. I wish to apply this important document for its intended purpose and find in this life the most convenient “place in the sun”. I wish you success, brilliant ideas, grandiose opportunities, big ambitions, confident steps towards your dreams!

Happy graduation! As you know, all doors open for young people. May the doors that you choose lead you to happiness, joy and accomplishment. Let what you accomplish make your family and your teachers proud of you and nostalgic memories of the years before graduation.


Graduation is a memorable event in everyone's life. Leaving the walls of an educational institution, we enter a new life. So let each of us be able to say with confidence today that his future will be bright and his plans will be grandiose. May everything that they wish us today come true, and the people who said warm words will not be forgotten.


May the stars shine especially brightly today, illuminating the path on which you are just entering with a mysterious light. Let it be flat and smooth, like the ribbons of the graduates that are now on you. Let your life be as ebullient as champagne in your glass, and as beautiful as your first school love.

Congratulations on receiving your diploma. Now let the doors open for you to the world of a successful career and great life opportunities. Work productively, relax beautifully, live well-off, give your loved ones your warmth and delight your heart with daily happiness. Good luck in all your endeavors and all the best.

So my studies ended, such an important event, such an exciting, but so long-awaited. I congratulate you on him from the bottom of my heart, remember this day, and let it be a starting point for you for new victories and successful discoveries!

Congratulations on receiving your diploma and I sincerely wish you to be able to quickly and beautifully, proudly and skillfully achieve all your goals, great success and victories thanks to a well-deserved document. May your life have a cool job with an interesting job, a high position and a decent salary, may every day give you the opportunity to realize your ideas and dreams.