How to care for a flower arrangement?

How to care for a flower arrangement?

After you have purchased or presented to you flower arrangement, you may have a question: "How to take care of her?"

We will get the answer if we understand what compositions in baskets differ from simple bouquets.

The main difference is that no vases are required for flowers assembled into a composition and installed in original baskets, pots, bowls or pots. Fresh flowers in a basket or compositions are placed in floristic spongeimpregnated with a special solution that allows the flowers to retain their original freshness longer.

Actually look after flower arrangement much easier than regular fresh cut flowers or houseplants!

  • Flower arrangement need to water... The sponge, from which the flowers in the composition feed, must always be wet, and for this you need to add water to it at least once every two days. Perhaps more often if the room is dry and hot, or, conversely, less often, if the conditions are humid and cool. The water should be settled, as for ordinary bouquets.
  • Avoid getting direct sunlight per song, draftscold or very hot rooms.
  • You cannot place a basket or composition next to heating devicesas well as next to fresh fruit (they emit ethylene, which is harmful to flowers).
  • At night, it is advisable to place flowers in cool place.
  • From time to time you can spray with water flower arrangement, wash off the dust from the leaves, but do not allow water to get on the flower buds themselves.
  • It is impossible pull out flowers from a sponge, since if they are returned back, then such plants will stop feeding and dry out very quickly.
  • If after a while some flowers in the composition have dried up or wilted, they are better delete immediatelyto prevent other flowers from withering after them.