Balcony Decoration


Greened a balcony 20 m by the sea. The results of the work in the photo.

Marina recently contacted us with a request to plant trees on the balcony. She has a large beautiful balcony of 20 squares, with a crazy sea view, on the 18th floor.

And everything would be fine, but the house is blown by all the winds, and in late autumn and winter it is difficult even to go out on it, and even thinking about spending some time on it is very difficult. Because the wind is so strong that even a glass fence was blown away last year. And what will the plants feel on such a balcony?

And Marina wants to enjoy the beauty of sunrises and sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea, with pleasure to cook grilled meat, and drink tea, and not only, with friends on the balcony all year round.

After a little thought, we took on this project, codenamed "Turnkey Balcony".
We met with the customer, got to know each other, looked at the balcony.

We discussed what and how she wants to see.
The first and most difficult task was to solve the problem with the wind and create a comfortable microclimate for the plants on the balcony. For this it was necessary to look at all the options offered on the market, analyze and negotiate with the contractor.

The second task was simpler: to find out how Marina imagines her balcony in the future, what plants she loves and what her color preferences are. I needed to choose the plants that are most suitable for this place. Conditions for plants, those still, in the morning strong sun and wind, but a view of the promenade and the sea.

Third: install the most modern Italian watering for each plant, so that Marina does not run with a watering can on her balcony with horror watching how somewhere she did not add water, but somewhere she poured it.

Fourth: buy and install a grill, choose furniture and decor.

We prepared a project, and after approval, we got down to work.
Well, that's what happened. I am attaching a photo report, how do you like it?

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