Once, back in 2011, my oldest daughter went to study in a distant, distant country. So far that it took more than a day to even fly to it.

She studied in New Zealand. She flew away in May, and in August her birthday. I really wanted to congratulate her on the holiday, I was looking for companies that can deliver her a gift.

At that time in New Zealand, the gifts were all sorts of sheep sweaters, fish oil or Omega 3,     some food additives and honey. None of this arsenal suited me, and I began to look for flowers.

Agree, they always help out and delight. I did not find what I was looking for, and I just had to congratulate my daughter with a Skype call.

Even then, I realized that there is a problem of congratulating loved ones in another country.

Then she returned to Moscow, and after a short time flew to Italy. It seemed to me that in Europe, everything should be better with flowers and delivery, especially in Milan, the capital of fashion. And it's been 4 years already. But I was wrong.

In the meantime, she met a young man and they got engaged. And again I had to look for an opportunity to congratulate her on this event. I was surprised, because over the years, floristry in Moscow has stepped forward very much, and now, I was disappointed that few people delivered flowers, and those bouquets that could deliver were limited by choice and beauty.

I still made an order, after all, it was a step forward compared to the usual congratulations on Skype when she lived in New Zealand. Then there was an order for a wedding bouquet, this is without delivery.

In general, another problem emerged, delivery appeared, but there was no assortment familiar to our already spoiled eye.

And when I came to Israel and opened a flower business here, I wanted people from different countries to be able to congratulate their loved ones in Israel.

And what is needed for this? Quality service, fresh beautiful flowers and beautiful bouquets. I almost forgot! Postcard so that you could convey the feelings and emotions of a loved one. This is how my business was born, and now I am happy that I can unite families living in different countries. This became the ideology of my business.

Because I know what it is like when you cannot convey to your child, or vice versa, to your mother, words of love across the ocean on an important day for her. Especially now, when we were separated by a virus, the borders were closed and it is not clear when we will be able to hug each other.

But there should be happy moments, they cannot be prohibited by any closure of borders and no illness, or a banal lack of time.

I went through this myself, now I'm ready to help you with this. Beautiful bouquets, a postcard decorated with love, balloons and choco jewelry (elite Belgian chocolate).

All this can be ordered from me, for your loved ones, relatives and friends.

Yes, and I have payment methods for any country in the world, this time I have foreseen everything so that everyone can send gifts and congratulate each other.

So that people just become closer to each other, despite temporary circumstances.

We Know How to Give Joy

Goal 7 Fox is to enable all loved ones, regardless of the distance separating them, to give and receive beautiful fresh flowers, giving the recipient joy and an unforgettable experience filled with love and vivid impressions.



We are a family-owned company that delivers original bouquets and flower arrangements. We are now pleased to offer a subscription to floral arrangements and signature cards, in addition to our current 7 Fox line of bouquets.


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7 Fox Flowers & Gifts
7 Fox Flowers & Gifts

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