Name flower

Name flower

We can talk about flowers for a long time, they are everywhere in our life. We often associate a flower with a woman.

The flower has always been a symbol of beauty, and a woman personifies beauty. Who, no matter how a woman, creates around herself an aura of inexplicable, but visible beauty. Therefore, flowers should be present in a woman's life. A woman must be nourished, she is a flower. And if this does not happen, a woman, like a flower, can “wither”.

Did you know that astrologers and numerologists believe that each name is under the auspices of a certain constellation, which has an energetic effect on plants? Thus, each name has its own talisman flower that brings good luck and happiness.

So which flowers should you choose? I am sure that we subconsciously gravitate towards those flowers that bring us good luck.

Let's check?

I suggest you find your name on the list and write if you like this flower that matches your name or do you prefer other flowers?


Girls with this name are gullible, but they will not miss their own. Astrologically, it corresponds to the tulip. This plant has a high resistance, which is transmitted to the owners of the name Alena.


A rose is considered to be a flower named after Alexander. As soon as this delightful flower is called: the queen of gardens, the goddess of the dawn, the princess of flowers, the symbol of beauty ... Proud and domineering, arrogant and hot, tender and cruel - this is the nature of this woman. Like her flower - a rose - she has an amazing beauty that will certainly catch your eye.

Alexandra's heart is unapproachable. Like a rose, it is surrounded by thorns and can hurt a man's feelings. A decisive and desperate person can conquer it. Alexandra-rose will always have an attractive power for men, but it “blooms” only in free conditions.


These flowers symbolize purity, naivety and sensuality - qualities that are most manifested in girls with the name Alina. In addition, they easily become the life of the party. They are strong-willed, fair, reasonable and intelligent women who have self-irony and reliability.


These flowers are most often colored pink, purple, or blue. So in the character of Anna, three features are manifested - optimism, naivety and thoughtfulness. Girls with this name are patient, calm, sometimes too compassionate and sensitive.

Anastasia - ORCHID

A flower more suitable for the name Anastasia than an orchid cannot be found. Orchid is a flower of aristocrats, its shapes and colors are exquisite, fantastic, its spicy vanilla aroma cannot be confused with any other. Most likely, you have noticed that Anastasia is endowed with refined beauty, she does not look like any of the women. In addition, like the orchid, Anastasia is distinguished by extraordinary vitality. You will not scare her with difficulties, she always holds her head high, is hardy and proud, knows her own worth very well.

Angela - LANDYSH

Her flower is a lily of the valley, a symbol of secret love. Often, Angela remains a mystery to others, she never flaunts her personal life. At the same time, she is very attractive and intelligent. Beauty does not matter much to her, she is more attracted to moral and intellectual values. Angela knows how to achieve her goal, and moving up, she is calculating and methodical. But in love, she is very open and sincere.

Valentine - Forget-me-not

An amazingly delicate and quivering flower was named after Valentine - forget-me-not. Her flowers are very small, but it is impossible to pass them by - they are so pure, their heart is aching, they have a blue color, and a yellow-orange heart in the center. As if glowing from the inside! Valentine is very similar to forget-me-not: her beauty is quiet, discreet, inner. This is an unusually sincere and sensitive person, she will never refuse help and will share the last that she has. Keeping, like forget-me-not, somewhat aloof from everyone, Valentina is very diligent and is able to achieve a lot in life. She will definitely become a "lifesaver" in any place, because she is attentive and accurate.


Valery's name is sonorous, affectionate, like her flower - a bell. Blue, blue, purple, pink, white bells rejoice in the sun, and in a light breeze you can hear a gentle chime coming from them. Valeria herself is like a bell: with pure beauty, always a sonorous voice, always cheerful and sociable. It happens, of course, that she closes in herself, but as soon as something good happens, everything blooms and glows with joy. Valeria generally does not know how to be bored for a long time and does not know how to be sad, she is drawn to people. And she knows how to infect others with her happiness and good mood.


As a rule, the owners of the name are practical and firmly on their feet. Like the mimosa flower talisman, they attract the attention of others due to their brightness and originality.

DARIA - Dandelion

Daria's flower is a golden-haired, windy dandelion. He reminds everyone of the sun: in color, and petals-rays, and in shape. When Daria appears in the company, it is also like a sunbeam bursting in. She is incredibly active, impetuous, sociable, talkative. Daria is an incorrigible optimist, she just beams with energy and does not spare her for those around her. She will lead everyone around, infect with her enthusiasm, will have time to participate in several cases at once. Daria goes through life with a smile, she is unpretentious and resilient, like a dandelion.


Diana possesses “golden spring keys” - primrose flower. They actually resemble a bunch of keys and are one of the first to mark the arrival of spring - brown-gold, violet-blue, dark purple. The primrose is also called the witch's flower. It is only natural that Diana is a mysterious, incomprehensible woman. Not only is the name “divine”, but also the primula gave her an attractive appearance. Diana surprisingly easily finds a common language with people, as if in fact she unlocks human hearts with magic keys. She also quickly adapts to various circumstances, always finds a way out of difficult situations and is ready to give good advice.


When you look at these flowers, you involuntarily imagine a bowl full of fire, with a black coal in the middle. So is Evgenia: it flares up like a fire and goes out just as quickly. A rich imagination and passion distinguish the owners of this name.


Bright and strong-willed Catherine is under the patronage of the royal lotus. The energy of this flower helps Catherine to express her individuality and always be herself in any situation.


Amorous and romantic Elena are prone to quick mood swings, so astrologers recommend bouquets with ranunculus to the owners of this name. These flowers are ruled by the constellation of the optimistic Gemini and will give Elena flexibility and sociability.


Elizabeth possesses a tenacious mind and rational thinking, which over time develop into business qualities that allow them to make a fast-paced career in many areas. Spring hyacinths harmonize the brisk and passionate nature of these girls, and also help develop intuition.


The owners of this name are energetic, stubborn and touchy, but quickly cool down. Irina always knows what she wants to take from life. She has a good sense of humor and an analytical mind. Camellias help these girls develop their personality and charisma.


Christina is a cheerful girl who values friendship the most of all relationships. The talisman of these girls - jasmine - helps Christines to harmonize relationships with men and build a family.


Girls with this name are independent and purposeful, and also have a high intellect and a critical attitude to life. Luxurious hydrangeas "balance" Xenia's sarcastic nature and help her find her own style.


Ludmila is a refined nature, with a well-developed intuition, feeling beauty. The first half of this name sounds firm and unyielding, the second has a soft and gentle melody. Exactly the same duality is in the character of Lyudmila. She strives all her life to achieve perfect inner balance. Gentle spring lilies of the valley help these girls gain self-confidence and self-sufficiency.


The owner of this name is wayward and mobile, like the sea itself. She is confident and ambitious, as well as ambitious and can achieve the highest positions in her career. Water lilies - water lilies - bring the life energy of the Marina into balance and develop intuition.


The character of the owners of this name is multifaceted. Passion and kindness are combined in him with severity and restraint. Chamomiles help Maria to show herself from her best side in pedagogy, medicine and psychology.


Hopes are very demanding on comfort, so they choose a wealthy lover who is ready to fulfill her desires. Very often such a meeting takes place in the professional sphere of Nadezhda's work, since she prefers an influential and authoritative type of activity. Magnolia flower helps these girls find inner balance and independence.


Purposeful and determined Natalya are under the auspices of the royal aster flower. Bright and visually fluffy flowers give these girls lightness and romance, and also help build relationships with men.

OLGA - Snowdrop

The surprisingly stubborn nature of the snowdrops corresponds to the qualities of girls named Olga, who visually look fragile and defenseless. But this is just a mask. Under her lies a strong and tough character, capable of making his way anywhere.


The owners of this name are good-natured, they have a calm, even character, in which such contradictory qualities as a serious attitude to life and natural gaiety are surprisingly combined. Luxurious orchids give Polina the femininity and sensitivity that are necessary for building harmonious relationships with men.


The name itself, like the carnation, is filled with strength and vitality. These girls are real workaholics. They have inexhaustible reserves of vitality and energy. They always work with full dedication, sometimes achieving successful results.


Calmness, diplomacy and a certain phlegmaticness of Sophia bring considerable benefit when moving up the career ladder and in relations with the opposite sex. Rose flowers, personifying this name, help Sophia steadfastly go through all the hardships of life and remain herself.

TATIANA - Eucalyptus

The green plant with a soothing aroma represents Tatyan - wise and creative girls who literally envelop with their calmness and inner harmony.


Creative and cheerful Julias are energetically ruled by the Sun, which in turn corresponds to sunflowers. These yellow flowers help Julia stay optimistic and make her fantasies come true.


Proud and often selfish, Yans, like peonies, require a lot of care and attention from others. Astrologers assure that luxurious flowers and their delicate scent contribute to the disclosure of Yang's creative potential and help to find a wise beloved.

Weekend in white and pink.

As soon as spring comes, all Israel gets into their cars and sets off to admire the spring.
Now you can choose: whether to go to the Negev desert to admire its flowering, or to the iris reserve, enjoy the blooming of black irises and the azure sea, or, as we do today, choose a route to blooming almonds near the monastery of the French silencers "Latrun" and the park "Canada ".
The whole country is crowded with cars, someone has already enjoyed the beauty and is leaving, someone, on the contrary, just drives up.
It seems like a small country, but there are a lot of people who know how to enjoy nature. And it's great, isn't it?