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How to make an order:


Do you have a discount code that you would like to use? Just paste it into the special line when placing an order (in the section "Checking the Order and Payment"). You can only use one code at a time.

We currently ship to the following countries:

  • Израиль:

Эвен Иуда – 25 шек

Нетания – 25 шек

Кфар Саба – 35 шек

Раанана – 35 шек

Петах Тиква – 35 шек

Герцлия – 35 шек

Тель-Авив – 50 шек, доставка до подъезда

Рахмат Ган – 50 шек

Гиватаим – 50 шек

Ришон-Ле-Цион – 70 шек

Холон – 70 шек

Реховот – 70 шек

Бат Ям – 70 шек

Лод – 75 шек

Хайфа – 100 шек

Хариш – 70 шек

* В шабат доставка +25% к тарифу

  • Italy

It's easy to know if what you want is available on the date you want. After you have entered the delivery address, click on the "Daily delivery" button to open the calendar. All available dates will be green!

When ordering on the day of the expected delivery, we recommend that you calculate at least 4 hours for the production and delivery of the bouquet.

Every time you recommend us to your friends and family (and they shop), we give you a bonus of 10 points (10 ₪ / €), and he / she (10 ₪ / €) from the first order!

What if a friend referred you?

Enter your discount code when placing your order (in the Checkout & Payment section) to receive a 10 points discount (10 ₪ / €).

How do I invite a friend?

Click here to get started. It's really fast and easy! Just go to your Personal Profile and you will see your personal promo code that you can share with anyone.

Every time someone you link to places their first order, we send you an email with a discount code of 10 points (10 ₪ / €) inside.

Do the flowers look wilted? Do not worry! While we do our best to protect the flowers on their way to you, it is very rare for them to become saggy due to weather conditions (too hot or cold weather).

Flowers and greens use water to support their stems; so if they seem droopy, just place them in cool water to help them fully invigorate.

We personally select the best fresh flowers of the season for our beautiful bouquets. However, due to the fact that flowers are living things, their appearance, shape and color can vary from season to season.

We take the quality of our flowers and plants very seriously and only select those that we are confident will survive with proper care.

We guarantee that most of our flowers will last 10 days. In the same arrangement, some flowers may live longer, while others, you will have to remove from the vase earlier.

Spring flowers such as tulips and peonies last at least 5 days, but their natural lifespan is shorter than that of other flowers.

All our bouquets are guaranteed to stand for 10 days from the date of delivery. But with the right care and attention, you can tangibly prolong your happiness!

If the top of the bud is soft to the touch, it is almost blooming, if it is firm, it is still very fresh to bloom and may take a day or more. To wake up the buds, try some of our top tips:

  • If the bud still has a green sepal, gently peel back to reveal the petals, and gently massage the petal areas with your index and thumb.
  • Tap the top of the bud lightly and very gently to help move the petals.
  • Submerge the buds in lukewarm water for a few seconds and they will begin to bloom. Pruning the stems and dipping them briefly in warm water can also help them bloom faster.



Made a mistake? Do not worry! If you need to change something, just contact us! As soon as possible after you have made your order !, and we will help you make the necessary changes.

All invoices can be found on the My Profile page.

We are very sorry that you are having problems with our site - this is certainly not what we want! Before contacting us directly, try our tips:

  • Make sure your internet is connected (strong 4G or Wi-Fi).
  • Make sure all fields on the order form are filled in.
  • Make sure your internet browser or app is updated to the latest version.

Please let us know if the issue remains unresolved.



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